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Motion Technology Automatic Bed Raiser.
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The motorised bed-lifter is a popular item in our range for users who experience difficulty getting into or out of bed, or who require frequent nursing or other caring assistance, where its use helps to prevent back injury to carers who are otherwise faced with assisting their patients at an uncomfortable level. The lifter is even engineered to swing away from the wall at the head-end of the bed as it is being raised in order to prevent scuffing and damage to wallpaper/wall surfaces while in use. The bed-lifter consists of a rugged metal frame and powerful motor to raise the top surface of a mattress (based on a standard specification bedlifter) to a maximum height of approximately 36" (78 cm) above floor level.

Bed-lifters are provided as standard with 5" (12.5 cm) lockable castors which allow sufficient clearance for virtually all types of hoists and patient lifters which are currently available. The lowest bed height (top surface of mattress) which is attainable with the standard motorised bed-lifter is approximately 24" (61 cm) above floor level; this can be lowered significantly if castors are replaced with rubber feet and special brackets are fitted; further height reductions are possible by reducing the thickness of mattresses in appropriate cases.

The motorised bed-lifter can be supplied at the same time you order one of our RelaxomaticTM beds, but you do not have to purchase these items together: bed-lifters can always be added to RelaxomaticTM beds at a later date should the need arise. Please note that motorised bed-lifters are only suitable for use with Relaxomatic beds, for which they are specially manufactured.

Standard motorised bedlifters can support a weight of 20 stone / 127 kg. Heavy duty bedlifters are available (in both single and double sizes) which can support a weight of up to 30 stone/ 190.5 kg.

Power cuts are thankfully very rare these days. However, they do occur and as our RelaxomaticTM bedlifters are electrically powered, normal performance will be affected in the event of a general power failure. If you are concerned about the effects of power cuts on bedlifters, please see our section on Battery Back-up Units.

* If your particular needs are outside the above specifications, please contact us and we will do all we can to provide you with the specification you in fact require - we can produce custom- manufactured bedlifters for a number of non-standard sizes and dimensions, both with regard to surface areas and height dimensions.

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